The MoonWalk Edinburgh 2013

Wow it’s a Halloween treat….. so as we leave October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought I would give you a little something to think about…

The MoonWalk Edinburgh

As you know at Walk the Walk we feel every month is important, so I can reveal coming soon and hot off the press…that

The MoonWalk Edinburgh Scotland has just been confirmed… and for 2013 will be in a new location at Leith Links on the 8th June…for those of you that are not familiar with this neck of the wood, this is actually where the rules of golf were developed, so it has quite a history …but even more excitingly for Walkers, I can reveal that there are going to be a few changes to our 2013 MoonWalk so read on…

Aside from our Half and Full Moon…For the first time there will be 2 new additions to this iconic and quite amazing night, you will now be able to enter a ‘New Moon’ and an ‘Over the Moon’ challenge !

New Moonies as we call them, will be entering a quarter marathon relay, so if you have always wondered what all this MoonWalk fuss was about but didn’t quite want to commit to a Half or Full marathon, you will now be able to join the fun and either enter a leg of the relay, or get a team and join a leg each, the distance is just over 6 miles so no excuses for not doing your bit for Walk the Walk and breast cancer!

Now the ‘Over the Moon’ gang are the crazy ones that really want to test themselves, and take on a double back to back MoonWalk (52.4 miles)…and if you really want to make your mark…

3 Land Challengers will shortly have the opportunity to include the Over the Moon challenge for the 3 Land Challenge Extreme!

I’m excited but I can’t possibly tell you any more, all will be revealed in due course! Entries will open very soon but all the usual answers to questions can be found here

Hope you had a spooky Halloween and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Nina x

From Guy:

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21 Responses to The MoonWalk Edinburgh 2013

  1. Steven Wood says:

    You evil tempters, lol, i said i was doing no moonwalk next year and not you bring our a double mooner, must, resist, temptation…. lol

  2. Sarah Cleminson says:

    So this was what your secret was all about last week Guy! In this country (tick), cheap (tick) & in June (tick). Silent walk (I think the 2nd lap could be very quiet). Like it but I think I’ll leave it to the mad ones.

  3. Actually what I needed was a blatant “do not book your flights or hotel for Edinbra yet cos we’ve got something to tell you!” lol!

  4. Yvonne “a bit of a hint about not booking yet would have been nice! ” erm…Guy

  5. Would so love to go over the moon and make my 3LC extreme ….. it’s now going to cost me £60 just to change my flights because I was flying home late Sunday afternoon and I probably wouldn’t make it back to the airport in time. Only booked the flights last Saturday, a bit of a hint about not booking yet would have been nice! So still not decided.

  6. Aaarghh! Was planning to ‘just’ volunteer for London this year but now you’ve thrown me into a quandry!!! Sounds fab x

  7. Hi, i’m not sure at this stage but we will let you know all the details as soon as we can. Jo

  8. Gina Coyne says:

    Will the sponsorship level be the same for Over the Moon as the Full Moon…?

  9. Lynsey Kemp says:

    Very excited for over the moon. Thanks for this!!!!

  10. Fiona Wilson says:

    Kinda decided to do the full moon again after my disastrous 15.5 mile fail this year, still gutted! Done it twice before so know I can do it! Just need it to open so I can’t change my mind! Lol

  11. Not an official two land challenge but no reason why you can’t enter both many people do….you will love it :0) Jo

  12. Zoey Boon says:

    Oh Lordy how exciting! Is there a two land challenge? Fancy London and Edinburgh this time x

    • mib says:

      There isn’t a two-land challenge, but you can still do three events as an unofficial challenge, if you take in Lonfon, Edinbra and the London Sunwalk.

  13. Tracey McQueenie says:

    Ooh am aw excited noo 😀 x

  14. Am looking for a challenge to celebrate being 50 and the Over the Moon could well be it!

  15. Katie Hinde says:

    I did a marathon last year… So tempted to up and game and go for the 52.4 miles…. x

  16. Laura Haggarty ╪ says:

    Sounds brilliant! Tempted by the ‘over the moon’ after doing the moonwalk last year I really enjoyed it, it’s between that and the 100k London to Brighton! X

  17. Anthea Abela Clack says:


  18. Gill Manton says:

    Think my flight home will dictate if I’m over the moon!!

  19. Anthea Abela Clack – check out the big image on this page 😉

  20. Anthea Abela Clack says:

    When is the moon walk London can we now enter? Thanks