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  1. Jo-Anne Bowes via Facebook says:

    Diane, looks like a wet one. It’s lovely walking along the cycle track whatever the weather! X

  2. Kerry Freegard via Facebook says:

    The Unfit Mums from the Stansted area will be leaving at 7.30am tomorrow morning to complete the 20 miles and hopefully beat the weather too !

  3. Thanks Emma- did my 26.2 in the VLM last week- just twice daily dog walks now before the night x

  4. The plan was a 20 miler on sunday – weather really not looking good – may have to try and replan somehow or other……….Do not get me wrong i have done wet walks – and am sure it will be as fresh and dry as it was last year for the ‘moonwalk’ BUT sunday looks rotten!

  5. Diane Collins via Facebook says:

    meant to do only 10 miles today ended up doing 12 miles instead this morning, 6 miles planned for tomorrow as well.

  6. Planning 20 miles on the Forest Way Saturday morning. Fingers crossed not as soggy as last sunday afternoon!

  7. Beverley Kane via Facebook says:

    Did our 20 last week… still rained but not as bad as this week… did 14 this week just to keep the hips working!!!

  8. Mary Bayliss via Facebook says:

    I’ve cancelled a girlie meet up as the weathers atrocious on Sunday because 20 on your own is hard enough without being soaked and bedraggled. I know – I’m a Wuss ! :-)

  9. did our 20 miles last saturday with no rain and with a pub stop 1 mile from home to use their facilities of course! Just gona do some short ones next wk. See u all on the 12th sooo excited and a bit nervous for our first moonwalk x

  10. 20 miles Sunday…..bring it on! :-) x

  11. Doing 20 tomorrow morning,don’t mind if it’s cloudy just don’t want any rain thank you please :)

  12. Jane Turner via Facebook says:

    off out for 20 miler in half an hour with very black clouds looming ;(

  13. Angela Goodwin via Facebook says:

    We did Rutland water a few wks ago, ooh those hills are tough towards the end but enjoyable. Gemma we did 20 around derby on mon, what route are you doing?

  14. Gemma Simpkin via Facebook says:

    20 miles around derby planned for this morning hope it doesn’t rain too much!!

  15. 20+ tomorrow, with a stinking cold! Fingers crossed!!!

  16. Planning on doing 20 miles tomorrow afternoon with Karen Lewis Was Rose. Hope we dont get too wet. Good luck everyone walking this weekend. X

  17. Sophie Jones via Facebook says:

    20 miles with Emma in a few minutes!!! Hoping my knee and her ankle holds up!! (lots of people at Rutland Water, I got married there!!)

  18. Debbie Budgie Wiltshire via Facebook says:

    I did my 20 2 weeks ago…just hope its enough :( x

  19. Did my 20 miles last week around the beautiful country lanes of Dorset really enjoyed and stayed dry too!!

  20. 20 miles tomorrow….happy walking everyone xx

  21. 20 miles planned for sat morning, 7 am start!

  22. Michelle Griggs via Facebook says:

    20 miles done last week in a respectable 5 hrs :) first time walker and getting excited now good luck for you all and hope the rain has a break x

  23. 20+ for Saturday though not fancying the weather

  24. Karen Bowes-Chapman via Facebook says:

    Yes planning on walking 20 miles from Farnborough to Woking, hope the weather improves. Nina please wave your magic wand. xxxx

  25. Cat Woods via Facebook says:

    20 miler this Sunday around Sevenoaks. Hoping i’m as lucky with the rain as I was last weekend!

  26. Claire Larter via Facebook says:

    Mum and I are doing Rutland water tomorrow- looking forward to it! Good luck to all! xx

  27. 20 miler for the Lanky Lookers and Frimley Fillies. Pray for no rain. Eeeekkkk getting exited as the 12th gets nearer. Good luck all our fellow bra wearing Walkers. :-) x

  28. Hey Exmouth Rockets, I’m in London, or else I would have cheered you on, The Estuary was my training ground 2 years ago. Good Luck every one x

  29. Kate Ashton via Facebook says:

    20 miles planned for Sunday. Will be up early to get out there, aiming for a 7am start. Did 20 back on Good Friday so I know I can do it. Good luck to all. When do the final information packs come out?

  30. Kirsten Bergen via Facebook says:

    I’m doing 36 k / 22.5 miles in a charity walk for cystic fibrosis this Sunday. It’s ahead of the Edinburgh schedule, but after that I’ll be doing the 20-26 km walks until it’s time to take a break before the big night.

  31. 20 miles Sunday come rain or shine! T shirt at the ready this week, not quite there with the bra decoration yet – well, not even started, plenty of time…!! Good luck with your walking this weekend everyone x

  32. Poonam Ahluwalia via Facebook says:

    10 miles this morning, straight after dropping kids to school. Training in our bras today to see how we get on !!

  33. Emma Taylor via Facebook says:

    20 miles planned for Sunday, rain or shine. Misjudged the distance last week and ended up doing 18.5. Well done to you marathon runners!!

  34. Planning 20 miles early Sunday morning from Huntingdon, really hope we can dodge the rain!

  35. Jo-Anne Bowes via Facebook says:

    20 for exmouth rockettes on Sat along river exe. Hoping its dry! X good luck, x

  36. Sandra Schoenenberger via Facebook says:

    Rebecca, I did the marathon too and I consider it as our 20miler! I don’t want to overdo it! Hope your legs feel better soon, have you had a nice sports massage yet?

  37. Rebecca Whitehead via Facebook says:

    If I did the marathon last weekend, do I still have to do 20 this weekend or can I do a bit less? Legs still hurt :) advice please!!

  38. Tasha Redman via Facebook says:

    Did 21 last Sunday glad I did now as weathers not looking good for this weekend good luck everyone it’s much easier if your wearing a smile as you go :-) x

  39. Lucy White via Facebook says:

    Hoping to do 20 miles. Fingers crossed for decent weather. xx

  40. 20 on Sunday! So nervous! Eeeekkk xxx

  41. Christine Dyson Cert Hsc via Facebook says:

    Hoping not to fall foul to the dreaded Sunday Hangover like last weekend. Would love to do 10 miles on Sunday! In my official I’m in training T-Shirt! Moonwalk Virgin here! Can’t wait now x

  42. Kathy Smith via Facebook says:

    Might be walking around Rutland Water on Saturday too, if my ankle lets me – already did my 20 with Cathy Smith last Sunday (waves hello!!) and sprained it just as we got into the last mile or so but it’s feeling a lot better now.

  43. Laura Lou Lou Greatorex via Facebook says:

    20 at Rutland water planned for sunday

  44. Did it last week as something on this weekend. Gonna fit in 12 this sun if it’s dry

  45. Helen Jolliffe via Facebook says:

    at least 20 Saturday morning round the wokingham area hopefully :)

  46. Loads of luck guys, 1st time Moonwalk for me :-) x

  47. Hi Niki, live in Derby, newcastle for 12 years before that x

  48. Planning for 20 on Sunday but likely to be a wet one.

  49. Going to do 20 on Saturday but weather looks rubbish!!

  50. Niki Rose via Facebook says:

    Ali, do you live in oakham I lived there upto 3 yrs ago. Rutland water is lovely. X

  51. Georgina Halford-Aylard via Facebook says:

    did my 20 on tuesday.. gonna do 12 on sunday

  52. Rutland Water on Saturday 20 miles here I come :-) x

  53. Zoey Boon via Facebook says:

    I see what you did there guy, pure genius!

  54. Nikki Yeo via Facebook says:

    We are attempting a 20miler this weekend!! Looking forward to the actual thing now!