The MoonWalk London 2014 and other challenges

It’s that time of year again!

The MoonWalk London 2014

So get ready for the doors to open at approximately 9.00am on Thursday 31st October 2013 and with this year’s ‘Rockabilly’ theme, we can’t wait to see all you Rockabilly Bombshells (and that’s the boys too) set off around London with your heels on fire! To enter all you will need to do is visit our website on that day. In the meantime take a look at our information about entering

The MoonWalk Iceland and Three Land Challenge 2014

Plus if that wasn’t enough….you can also enter The MoonWalk Iceland, a now much sought after challenge. If this is the challenge you are looking for, you will need to get in early as places are limited and sell out quickly! Make a note: these places will only become available after 1.00pm on the 31st October!

The MoonWalk Scotland 2014

The MoonWalk Scotland 2014 is also open for entries, this MoonWalk offers 4 different distances from The New Moon at 6.55 miles to a challenging Over The Moon at 52.4 miles, and with a Superhero theme everybody can become a hero…Superman can wear tartan pants and bra of course!

The MoonWalk New York 2014

To complete the hat trick (I know it should be 3 but we have 4)…in case you didn’t know we now have a MoonWalk New York City, so if you fancy a trip to the Big Apple and want to raise money to help Walk the Walk America, we want to ensure that all women in New York receive the cancer treatment they deserve for the best outcome, regardless of their circumstances. Sign up for this challenge from Wednesday 30th October 2013. Keep an eye on the website our first grant is about to be presented!

Lapland meets Peru!

Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Then put Wednesday 13th November 2013 – Waterstones Piccadilly in your diary, we’re not suggesting Waterstones will be offering you a lifetime adventure, but you can join the Walk the Walk Discovering the Arctic and Peru Evening for some delicious hospitality and the opportunity to get together with not only experts on both these magnificent challenges, but also speak to those that have been there, done it and want to share the experience with you, of back country skiing on the Arctic Challenge 2014 or walking the Inca Trail in 2015…not to be missed!

Time:                     6.30 for 7.00pm
Location:               Top Floor Waterstones Piccadilly

The evening is free, however places are limited so booking is essential!

Did you know…

42% of breast cancers could be prevented! Information is coming out daily confirming what we have always known, that Walking does have enormous health benefits. The most recent statistic from the World Cancer Research Fund state that by changes to lifestyle, which means…. improved alcohol consumption, physical activity and a good body weight. It is quite staggering to imagine that simple changes to these aspects of your life could even save your life!

22% of breast cancers could be prevented …by completely cutting alcohol out of your diet.

12% of breast cancer could be prevented… just by being physically active, even if you ignore the other two factors

Food for thought so where do you start….

Not surprisingly our top  3 are:

1.     Exercise – Join a challenge and get Walking  not only will you be giving your heart a good boost, keeping honed and toned but you will also have a good chance of keeping a good body weight!

2.     Drinking – Don’t get too excited were talking water here, which really is the elixir of life!  But if you just don’t want to give alcohol  up totally, stick to 1 unit a day for women and 2 for men!

3.     Diet – Don’t Crash! Learn new lifetime habits of eating a little bit less and perhaps more often!

Hot off the Press!

Edinburgh Breast Cancer Institute Mammography Department

In case you hadn’t seen the news this week the new Breast Screening Unit at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh was finally opened! Walk the Walk awarded a grant of over  £1.4 million to upgrade the entire unit, and what a different place it is to the one I was shown when we first received the grant request. The amazing thing is that by some very skilful design, they have really maximised on the space that they have, including rooms for services that they could not previously offer.

Walk the Walk has been working with the Breast Unit a the Western for almost 8 years and in that time have granted funds to re-develop the main ward, build a new operating theatre and now upgrade the mammography unit, altogether we have helped NHS Lothian to create a welcoming and nurturing space for all those that visit…plus it is wonderful to see how happy the staff are with their new surroundings.

Well done to all our MoonWalkers that have taken part in the Scottish challenge, none of this would have been possible without you …so keep on Walking!

It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas at WalkWear!

If you are signing up for a 2014 challenge, be sure to put WalkWear onto your Christmas list!

New Christmas Gift Packs will be on line soon, with a host of essential items for any Walker! Winter Walking jackets, new mobile phone touch screen friendly gloves, beanies to keep your ears warm, bum bags and water bottle holders to name a few items.


Also ….watch out for our new candles: everybody enjoys receiving candles so a really lovely Christmas gift. Don’t forget to also keep tuned in for special offers!

Of course the best part of all this is that 100% of all the profits on WalkWear are given to the charity

We may be reaching the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month but this is just the beginning of the rest of the year, so don’t just read about it….be tempted to do something different …..take action, join the MoonWalk madness and sign up for a challenge! So that’s it for now, decisions decisions, which one will you choose!!?

Thank you for uniting with us against breast cancer

Happy Walking!


Nina Barough CBE

Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk Worldwide

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