Keep your hair on!

We always talk about an exchange.

You join us, we help you train, you fundraise and then you trust us with the money you raise to grant it where it is needed most.

And then we learn about how all of you have helped:

“I’m writing to say a big, big thank you to your charity.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer last June, followed by surgery and 5 months of chemotherapy ( just ended) and radiotherapy (shortly to start).

I was mortified last year when told I would lose my hair as a result of chemotherapy. To me this would be like walking round with a big placard on saying ‘ look at me I’ve got cancer’. I was so worried how my young daughter and those who saw me would react.

Well fortunately, my local hospital had scalp coolers donated by Walk The Walk which I used for each chemotherapy treatment.

I cannot deny my hair is now very thin and certainly not the crowning glory it once was. However, at least I still have hair! . I can go out and about and continue to lead a normal life. Having hair  has made it so much easier to cope with my situation and I cannot thank you and your fundraisers enough.

thank you, thank you, thank you


And it’s why we do what we do and you do what you do. Nothing more to be said. Thank you.

From Guy:

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