Debbie’s SunWalk



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3 Responses to Debbie’s SunWalk

  1. Debbie Budgie Wiltshire via Facebook says:

    I had forgotten I had written this!! Thank you Guy brought back some lovely memories x


    Thank you, that was another reminder for a Sunwalk virgin of a lovely summer’s day, a fantastic organised event and for the provision of unusual entertainment for the citizens of London. Yet it was only a month ago.

  3. John Burcher says:

    Hi to all you lovely ladies (and men) who are involved in Walk the Walk challenges. It’s Debbie’s (Budgie’s Bra fame) Dad here. I echo Deb’s feelings about this latest walk. My wife, Eileen and I felt privileged to have taken part in the London Sun Walk in Battersea Park in July, and we hope to take part in more next year. However, I may not wear “the hair” anymore. It felt so unnatural and it kept getting in my eyes! I wondered how many thought it was real?

    I really enjoyed the day apart from three bruised toes and a parking ticket.