Go on, pamper yourself on Blue Monday with an all-weather walk!

It’s here again: Blue Monday! The start of the third week in January is allegedly the most depressing day of the year. There’s no actual scientific evidence to back this up but it’s the kind of theory that feels true whether there’s any real science behind it or not.

London Sunwalk 2012

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Nijmegen Marches 2014 – Pat’s amazing experience!

At the beginning of the year did I plan on walking the Nijmegen Marches…no I didn’t…I knew I wanted to walk them one day but had no plans to walk them in 2014. I had already signed up to walk London to Brighton (my first 100k walk) and with the training that involved I thought that that would be enough for the year (including London and Edinburgh Moonwalks). Circumstances resulted in me having some spare “holiday” and well what else can a girl do but walk…


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The Nijmegen Marches – Nik and Carol’s fabulous adventure!

Marching 160km’s or 100 miles in 4 days sounds madness to most people but if I say how about a 4 day party, free music, free drink (non-alcoholic of course), free food and the total friendliness from the people of Holland then maybe I’ve now got your attention!!


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A fantastic evening had by all – thank you Squire Patton Boggs and L.K. Bennett!

Just recently Nina and Karen spent a wonderful evening in the company of some very lovely fundraisers. The international law firm Squire Patton Boggs linked up with the designer fashion clothing store L.K. Bennett and together raised a fantastic £1,400 for Walk the Walk.


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Sniffing out breast cancer – thanks to Walk the Walk!

We are delighted to announce that we have recently made a grant to the Medical Detection Dogs charity, to help fund an important pilot study that could help detect breast cancer in its very early stages. The study involves taking a breath sample from women at the time they visit the hospital for their mammograms. The breath samples are then used for research and for training dogs to sniff out breast cancer.


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